creech was thinking about how tycho and creech met today,

creech was trying to eat their banana (even though they HATEHATETHATEHATEHAT BANANS)

and some mean people (not azzie) came up and made fun of creech, tugged on their ears and pushed them around, pulled their galsses off,, The tape hurt their not-nose. were trying to hurt creech when tycho came!!! he wanted to get through n people were in the way, and he scared them off- a lot of people are scared of tycho- creech tried to give him food to say thank you!! he didnt want what they had because they relly didnt have that much food, so they came back next day with something their momma made!! he was all overwhelmed and kinda tried to tlel creech it was fine but creech is determined to be polite >:3

creech managed to give him the pastry and kept hanging out with him ^w^

tychos a lot nicer than he was back then n creech is happy about it

creech met mel when went to tychos house

tycho and mel are roommates and the house has paint EVERYWHERE on the walls, cuz tycho does art. Creech wants to add something some day.