so... creech has their own laptop again. wooooo :(

jakkobs laptop died and they couldnt get him to charge it, he wouldnt even look at creech, wouldnt talk to creech, wouldnt talk to their momma. Creech doesnt GET it- creec h did nothing wrong why is he mad at them,,

they had to get theirs fixed otherwise tehy couldnt upload here

since creech has been gone theyve

  • hung out with tycho
  • hung out with mel
  • talked to mel about tycho uwu
  • cried with their momma
  • had to talk their momma out of fightign jakkob herself
  • creech is worried about him, will try to talk to him again tomorrow.

    creech has been drawing themselves as a cartoon character a lot for their art class so they might show some of their art again soon