today is thanksgiving!!!!!!! creechs cousin azzie came over along with his family (theyre kinda mean to creech sometimes,) and creechs dad came out of his office and sat down with the family, creech loves their parents a lot even if their dad is always working on his novels up in his office n their mom is always working at the diner they still manage to make creech feel special ^w^

azzie was a little rude to creech when he came in but creech is ok with that. he talked with creechs friend mars a bit and was laughing about something n creech heard their name mentioned, dunno what thats about

turkey time!!!!

creech just figured out how to do that and thinks its very funny

tomrorow creech is going to go and hang out with jakkob becus he said he had something to tell creech OwO! creech loves jakey a lot hes their best friend